Landscapes and coastal environment

An important part of the process to create the new Tasman Environment Plan is identifying the District's special places and giving them extra protections to help preserve the uniqueness of the environment, the area’s history, or provide people with access to the outdoors.

In autumn 2021, we began the process of working with landowners and our communities to make sure that we have the boundaries in the right place and that the protective controls on activity are sensitive to future aspirations. Early feedback has been gathered and updated draft maps with boundary changes can be viewed below. So far, we have made close to eighty different changes to areas covering private land in response to feedback received.

It’s important to know that before anything is finalised, we will be in touch again on the firmed up boundaries and proposed policy response for your area.

Note: This project is not about stopping established legal activities, it’s about safeguarding the District's valued landscapes and coast from specific future activities that would impact what makes them so special.

Updated Draft Landscapes, Features and Coastal Environment Mapping 2022

The project team has undertaken additional consultation and have modified the 2021 Outstanding Natural landscape (ONL), Outstanding Natural Features (ONF) and Coastal Environment (CE) mapping. The mapping shows any boundary changes made to the 2021 draft mapping following consultation with landowners and the community.

The modified/amended 2022 ONL, ONF, and CE mapping can be viewed on the map below.

Tip: As you navigate around the District, you can also toggle the ONL, ONF, and CE map layers on and off by using the layer button (top left of the map).

Tip: There are satellite map options available (folded map button top left) and this can be useful for better understanding the special places identified.

The amended 2022 CE mapping can be found within the following documents:

Tasman Natural Character Study Amendments


Click here to read the answers to a series of frequently asked questions about the Tasman District Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features, and revised Coastal Environment projects.

Overview of engagement to date

Council is undertaking extensive and ongoing engagement with landowners, stakeholders, and interest groups on the Landscapes and Coastal Environment projects.

Over our first round of extended engagement, we heard from over 300 individuals and groups. Following feedback from landowners and stakeholders, the draft maps of the Tasman District Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features, and the revised Coastal Environment area, have been changed to reflect local knowledge and will be finalised and released in 2022.

Online Q&A - 2021

In April 2021, we were joined by around 230 landowners and interested people across four live video presentations covering what the ONL, ONF, and CE areas mean, and how to get involved. Following the short presentations, our panel answered questions from the audience.

Feedback events- Series complete

We hosted events across the Tasman District to gather feedback from late May until early June.

Thank you to everyone who attended the events and shared local knowledge and your future aspirations.

We’ve heard a range of perspectives and recognise the hard work and passion in our communities.

Landscapes and coastal environment feedback event