What is a representation review?

Every six years we must review the shape of our Council. We must consider whether we have wards, if so, how many, their boundaries, and their names, including the name of the new Māori ward which has now been established.

Consideration also needs to be made about the number of councillors and whether they are elected by ward and/or at large.

This review will also look at the role of the Council’s two community boards in Motueka and Golden Bay. We can decide whether to establish or disestablish any community board and, if it's decided to create another one, how many community boards to have.

We are seeking your views as we make sure Tasman District’s representation arrangements continue to meet the District’s needs.

We need to get a final proposal together by the end of next year - 2024 with any new arrangements to apply for the 2025 and 2028 elections. Our First Past the Post voting system decided upon in the 2019 review will remain for the 2025 election.

You can learn more about representation reviews on the Local Government Commission website (click the link)

How will you be represented at your Council?

The role of elected members, our Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members, includes acting as a voice for the local community. We are looking for ideas and feedback on whether our arrangement for fair and effective representation meet the needs and expectations of Tasman's residents.

What do we need to consider when making decisions?

  • What are our communities of interest?
  • What are the best means to provide effective representation of communities of interest?
  • What is fair representation of electors?

What are ‘communities of interest’?

When looking at boundaries for local representation, we are required to consider ‘communities of interest’. This term can be subjective, however we generally consider three factors:

  1. A sense of belonging to an area.
  2. An ability to meet the community requirements for services.
  3. An ability politically to represent the interest of the community.

This is the current shape of Tasman District wards.

Wards snip

Current council ward layout