What is Council all about?

In Tasman, our elected Council comprises the Mayor representing the District and 13 councillors representing five Wards.

See the Wards on a map and read more about them here.

We also have two community boards with four members each – one covering the Golden Bay Ward and the other covering the Motueka Ward

The Mayor and councillors employ the Chief Executive who has overall responsibility for day-to-day operations of the organisation.

What do we do?

Tasman District Council is a unitary council, meaning we do the work of both a regional council and territorial authority.

We have offices in Richmond, Motueka, Tākaka, and Murchison.

Our planning cycle

  • Every 3 years, the Council prepares a long-term business plan – the 10-Year Plan – in consultation with our community
  • Any short-term changes to the plans and budgets are laid out in subsequent Annual Plans
  • The Annual Report tells the community whether the Council has done what it intended to do and what has been spent, setting out our progress against key outcomes.