The 10-Year Plan sets out the services and projects the Council intends to provide, the costs of doing so, how we’ll pay for it, and what it all means for rates and debt.

It’s our commitment to delivering the services and infrastructure the District needs to thrive and is how we plan to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Tasman communities now and in the future.

Through the 10-Year Plan, we strive to balance contributing to community well-being with what is affordable for our District.

What’s in the 10-Year Plan?

  • Community outcomes – what we aim to achieve to promote the social, economic, environmental, and cultural wellbeing
  • Planning of activities – the capital programme (purchasing or creating assets) and services to be delivered
  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Funding and Financial Policies

Key inputs to shaping this Plan include community engagement, legislation, and national direction, local strategies, and Council’s existing planned work programme.

At the heart of our 10-Year Plan is our vision:

Thriving and resilient Tasman Communities – Te Manawaroatanga o Te Tai o Aorere kia tupu, kia rea.