Update June 2023

Councillors considered the feedback received to date

The Mayor and Councillors have received a summary and detailed feedback received through the early engagement process (up to the end of April). This is the feedback from the community workshops, posts on Shape Tasman and correspondence we have received.

The Mayor and councillors specifically considered the main themes from the early engagement and provided direction about how to address these as we start to build the first iteration of the 10-Year Plan. Councillors also raised anything else from the feedback received (i.e. not in the main themes) that they wanted to consider for the 10-Year Plan.

If you have provided feedback since the end of April, don’t worry. We will be bringing through the early engagement feedback received since then to a further discussion in mid-July.

Staff are carrying out business planning and preparing budgets

There is a lot of work being undertaken by staff. We have instituted a business planning process designed to require staff to think carefully about each of the services we provide, how we go about providing them and the resources required. This has a review/challenge process built in to test the thinking and the need for funding.

Staff are also inputting budgets into our financial system. Once this is completed, we can start to understand the overall budget requirement and its impact on things like rates and debt levels.

Thinking about funding external groups

We fund several external organisations through Tasman’s 10-Year Plan 2021-2031 and have been thinking about the continuation of this funding for the 2024-2034 version. These organisations play important roles in supporting various aspects of well-being in our region. They include major cultural institutions as well as local museums, visitor centres and art councils. We also fund some environmental organisations that carry out valuable work on pest control and planting programmes.

At a workshop in June, the Mayor and councillors discussed the level of funding to include for several of these groups in the initial budget for the 10-Year Plan, as well as considering requests for funding received through early engagement. The importance of this funding within our regional partnership environment against the other demands for funding was a key point in the discussion that was not finished. As a result, we will schedule a further opportunity to continue this process.

Key themes from your feedback so far

Over the last couple of months there has been lots of early engagement activity with polls on this site, workshops in a number of towns around the district, and email submissions.

Thank you to all those who have taken part in whatever form you may have used. If you still have comments or contributions to make, please post them below or drop us an email at LTP@tasman.govt.nz.

A huge range of issues and aspirations have been covered in the feedback received to date. We have summarised some of the key themes.

  • Transportation is an area that has attracted a lot of attention with comments covering congestion and safety, as well as active modes(walking and cycling) and public transport.
  • Growth and future development also featured with, in general, there being an acceptance of growth but a desire from some for higher levels of intensification (rather than greenfield growth) and a strong feeling in several towns to retain their special character. Richmond was an exception to this where the wish was to improve the central area to activate it and bring it to life by encouraging more people to live in close proximity. In several places, support for more localised planning was expressed.
  • The need for a range of housing types was highlighted and for the Council to take a stronger role in working with others to develop some projects enabling the provision of some more affordable homes.
  • There was support for the two major community facilities projects in the LTP 2021-2031 i.e. Motueka swimming pool and Wakefield/Brightwater community facility. There was also support for a number of further community facilities – youth facility in Motueka, stage 2 development of the Murchison Recreation Centre, community hub in Tapawera.
  • Not surprisingly, in the context of Cyclone Gabrielle and the effects of climate change more generally, readiness (for natural hazard events) and resiliency came through as important topics. The need for more active river management, in particular, was raised in a number of towns.
  • The need for further/faster action on climate change mitigation was also a common theme.
  • In general, access to nature, coastline etc. were considered important attributes of Tasman. There was a strong interest in our parks and open spaces. People also wanted to see continued planting of natives and efforts to improve biodiversity.

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What is Council all about?

Tasman District Council is a unitary council, meaning we do the work of both a regional council and a territorial authority. We are also responsible for promoting the well-being of our communities, in the present and for the future

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The Tasman we love

You know Tasman is a great place to live, play, work, and explore – that’s why you call it home.

The size of our district, our rate of growth, our exposure to natural hazards, and the geographic spread of our communities – our local context provides a range of challenges for us to manage.

Tasman is well positioned for the future but our world is changing faster than ever and we need to continue adapting to enable thriving resilient Tasman communities.

The first step in shaping the next 10-Year Plan is understanding what has changed since the current plan was adopted in 2021. There is also a range of ongoing constraints we need to factor in and we look ahead to understand the factors that will affect the community and the Council.

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Tasman's 10-Year Plan 2024-2034

Every 3 years, Council prepares a long-term business plan – the 10-year Plan in consultation with the community. Through this Plan, we strive to balance community well-being with what is affordable for our District

We have started planning for the 2024-2034 Plan and engaging with our community early in this process will help us prepare a draft plan that reflects your needs and aspirations for Tasman.

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Current work programmes

We don’t start from scratch when developing the next 10-Year Plan and what we will deliver to our community.

We closely consider the work the Council has planned for the remaining seven years in the 2021-2031 Plan across the key programmes, which is now assumed to exclude Three Waters, and we ask:

  • Is this still the right programme of work, services to provide and projects to deliver?
  • Should the focus or priorities of these programmes change?

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Set the path for the future of Tasman

Let’s talk, Tasman

We want to know what you think the Council’s focus and priorities should be, for both the District and your place.

Your views will inform the draft 2024-2034 Plan, which will be consulted on next year.

Tell us what you want your Council to deliver for the community and help us shape the next 10-Year Plan.

If you'd rather drop us a line privately, email ltp@tasman.govt.nz

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