Murchison Stakeholder Workshop Notes

A workshop with invited stakeholders from the Murchison community was held on 17 April to discuss ideas to feed into the next 10-Year Plan for Tasman. It was a positive, well-attended meeting.

Overall Summary

Key themes were:

  • Stage 2 development for the recreation centre
  • Overall desire to see a plan for the future development of Murchison and a roadmap
  • Desire to improve destination management to encourage visitors to stay longer in Murchison to support the local economy
  • Desire to see increase in river management at local level
  • Desire to see development of public space - shade, footpaths, parking, toilets, improved signage/wayfinding
  • Clip on cycling infrastructure for SH bridge needed
  • Development of more active recreation opportunities for visitors and locals - cycling, walking, playground
  • Concerns over the Kindergarten shutting and the impact on the local community

Small Group Discussions

Wider issues were discussed in small groups. You can read the full notes from the workshop here for details.

Any other issues?

If you'd like to make a comment on any of the key themes listed above or if there's something new you want to add - post it here.
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