Golden Bay Stakeholders Workshop notes

A workshop with invited stakeholders from the Golden Bay community was held on 2 May to discuss ideas to feed into the next 10-Year Plan for Tasman.


Key themes were:

  • Climate change adaptation (including planning for managed retreat) and the need to plan for resiliency – food security, transport, economy, riparian planting and regeneration, coastal management etc.
  • Local solutions to local problems - bring the community together and empower them to find the best outcomes - a GB facilitator/connector role would really help this, as well as connection with the Council.
  • Need to focus on GB resilience - food security, transport, climate change.
  • Affordable housing is vital - be creative in how/who develops it.
  • Ensure appropriate land use - protect productive land and encourage food production on it.
  • Protect wetlands.
  • Better support and activities for youth – creating opportunities (jobs, housing, affordable and healthy homes, training, education) that will encourage them to stay in GB.
  • Improve cycling infrastructure - current cycleways need more investment to keep them safe and fit for purpose. New cycleways needed to connect townships/create a compelling tourist attraction and safe alternative transport network for all.
  • Golden Bay arts/artists are under-resourced/valued - have a significant impact on the culture and economy but ‘arts’ needs better resourcing – need for an arts strategy.

Small Group Discussions

Wider issues were discussed in small groups. You can read the full notes from the workshop here for details.

Any other issues?

If you'd like to make a comment on any of the issues raised above or if there's something new you want to add - post it here.
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