Tapawera Stakeholder Workshop Notes

A workshop with invited stakeholders from the Tapawera community was held on 13 April to discuss ideas to feed into the next 10-Year Plan for Tasman.

Overall Summary

Key themes were:

  • Taking full advantage of the Great Taste Trail and making sure there are no ‘missing links’
  • A desire to see a plan for a community facility/hub.
  • Swimming pool improvements were popular as was a facility that catered to youth and the elderly
  • River management - local responses to ongoing management, gravel extraction, plantings
  • Tapawera doesn’t see a lot of benefit from forestry or hops - all money goes out of town/abroad. What is the role of Tapawera in the future, and how is its character retained and families encouraged to come and live here. Is some low cost housing for families and ageing a possibility?
  • Can Borlase Forest be used to develop mountain bike tracks?

Small Group Discussions

Wider issues were discussed in small groups. You can read the full notes from the workshop here for details.

Any other issues?

If you'd like to make a comment on any of the key themes listed above or if there's something new you want to add - post it here.
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