Richmond Stakeholders Workshops notes

Two workshops were held (5 April 2023 at Richmond Library and 27 April 2023 Online) to discuss ideas to feed into the next 10-Year Plan for Tasman.

Overall Summary

Key themes were:

  • Congestion at Lower Queens Street needs to be addressed it’s adding time and costs to the delivery of goods.
  • The new public transport services due to commence later in 2023 are supported and need to be well promoted.
  • All developments should be built to universal design standards so they are accessible to all.
  • There is a need for the Council to develop a plan for Richmond and consider incentives to promote more intensive development and public space.

Full meeting notes

Wider issues were discussed during the workshops. You can read the full notes from the workshop here for details.

Any other issues?

If you'd like to make a comment on any of the issues raised above or if there's something new you want to add - post it here.
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