Some of the cultural institutions we fund, serve the wider Nelson Tasman region such as Nelson Provincial Museum and the Suter Art Gallery. How do you feel about the Council funding these out of District institutions?

Answer ChoicesPercentCount
They are important regional cultural institutions that serve Tasman as well as Nelson.67.71%130
They provide important tourist attractions for people staying in Tasman, especially when the weather is bad.50.00%96
The Council should not support these institutions financially as they are not located in the Tasman District.9.38%18
They preserve and display important taonga (treasures) from Tasman, as well as Nelson, and for this reason, the Council should help fund them.68.23%131
The Council’s funding would be better used on more localised cultural institutions, such as museums located in the Tasman District.9.38%18
The larger cultural institutions serving Nelson Tasman and the more localised ones have important roles, so the Council should share the available funding between them.60.94%117

When and where should food scrap collections happen?

This is what we asked the community about from 25 April to 1 May.

This relates to the Central government requirement for all Councils to provide kerbside food scrap collections in urban areas by 2030.

Question: When would you like Tasman District Council to start collections?

As soon as possible - within two years, 202572.22%
Within three years – 20264.04%
Within five years – 20285.05%
As late as possible – within seven years, 203018.69%

Question: What properties do you think we should service?

Urban areas only (Richmond, Hope, Brightwater, Wakefield, Motueka and Tākaka)29.95%
Urban areas and rural townships (such as Tapawera, Ruby Bay, Riwaka, Kaiteriteri and Collingwood)12.18%
All properties already receiving a kerbside recycling service57.87%

Where do you think our resources should be focused to help the community to implement the Biodiversity strategy?

This is what we asked the community about from 16 to 24 April.

Question: We are implementing the Tasman Biodiversity Strategy. Our remaining indigenous biodiversity is found across the region, on public and private land, so everyone needs to play a part to improve biodiversity in our region. Where do you think our resources should be focussed to help the community to implement the strategy?

QuestionAverage Rank (1 being most important)

Local community groups working on public land.

Community groups or individuals working on private land.3.71
A contestable biodiversity fund that anyone can apply to.2.97
Subsidised native plants.2.63
Subsidised fencing on private land.4.24
Increase Council staffing to provide more capacity for technical advice and Council-run projects.4.25

How should we respond to extreme weather events?

This is what we asked the community about from 11 to 16 April.

Question: Our district has experienced several extreme weather events in recent years, ranging from forest fires and droughts to flooding, landslides, and coastal erosion. Our communities are significantly impacted by the effects of extreme weather, and we expect these types of events to happen more often in the future as a result of a changing climate. To prepare for the effects of extreme weather events and adapt to climate change, Council should: (most important option was ranked at 1):

QuestionAverage RankWeighted AverageScore

Help communities to better understand natural hazards that exist in their local areas now and in the future

Invest in improving infrastructure resilience such as roads, bridges, stopbanks and seawalls to keep communities safe2.823.183.08
Stop development in areas that are vulnerable to natural hazards and effects of climate change1.784.224.15
Develop, in collaboration with our communities, long term strategies to move people, assets and activities away from areas that are at risk3.142.862.74
Help communities to be better prepared, respond and recover from extreme weather events3.222.672.52

What are your transport priorities?

This is what we asked the community about from 3 April to 10 April. See the results below

Are our climate change targets right?

This is what asked the community about from 24 March to 2 April. See the results below